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Debate Competition

Debate Competition

A debate competition was held on 10th  December 2016 for the  students of   senior section. This type of competition is introduced first time in our school. The selection of topic was the finalized by our director Sir, which was really very interesting. The topic was “Our democratic system is complete or does it needs improvement?” The subject teachers or we can say mentors helped the students for the preparation of debate. The eight  teachers selected eight  students from class 9th to 12th . Four were in the favor of the topic and four were against the topic . This competition was really interesting. The attitude of the students sometimes become aggressive as they involved deeply in it but some students kept themselves calm.

Sherin Kamil Mam anchored the program very well. Invited parents also listened this debate patiently and carefully and appreciated the students.

The students in favor of the topic


i)                   Farnaaz Ansari (IXth – B)    Mr. Khare Sir (mentor)

ii)                Surabhi Agarwal (Xth – B) Mrs. Sadhana Saxena (Mentor)

iii)              Soumya Chhabra (XIIth-B) Mr. Gajendra Sir (Mentor)

iv)              Swati Mishra (XIth – B) Mr. Neeraj Sir (Mentor)

The students against the topic are-

i)         Aleema Khan (IXth – B) Mr. Seraj Hussain (Mentor)

ii)        Suryansh Rasgoti(Xth – B) Mrs. Ratna Shukla (Mentor)

iii)       Akansha Dixit (XIth – B) Miss Itrat Raza. (Mentor)

v)                 Divyanshi Bajpai (XIIth – B)Mr. Sushil Dwivedi (Mentor)

It was really a cut throat competition and at the end of debate the judges discussed and decided the winners, which was very difficult.

This debate competition gave the platform to the students to come forward & express their views without hesitation. This would definitely encourage the other students.

Our director sir has always encouraged this kind of competition in the school for the betterment of the students.